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Studebaker presidents from 1911 until 1966:
Fred Fish - Studebakers first president, when Studebaker Corporation was born on February 14th, 1911
Albert Erskine - Appointed president, some time in 1915, the exact date is unknown, resigned March 18th,1933 when Studebaker Corporation went into receivership.
There was no president during the time Studebaker was in receivership, March 18th, 1933 until March 9th, 1935.
Paul Hoffman - Elected President when Studebaker was re-incorporated on March 9th, 1935.  He would serve as president until his leave of absence to administer the Marshall Plan from 1950 to 1953.
Harold Vance - Would serve as President and Chairman of the Board during Hoffman’s leave of absence, and likely until the sale of Studebaker to Packard on October, 1st, 1954.
James Nance - President of the new Studebaker - Packard company, born on October 1st, 1954, would retire when Curtis Wright’s three year management contract began October 31st, 1956.
Harold Churchill - Elected Studebaker President on October 31st, 1956 and served until he was demoted on February 1st, 1961.
Sherwood Egbert - Accepted the position of President of Studebaker on February 1st, 1961 and resigned November 25th, 1963.
Byers Burlingame - Appointed President on November 25th, 1963 and served until the end of Automotive production in March 5th, 1966.  Studebaker Corporation continued on for several very profitable years with the industrial divisions which had been purchased by Sherwood Egbert’s tenure as president.  When Burlingame finished as President is unknown.
Erskine & Hoffman, provided leadership for 33 of the 55 years Studebaker was in the Automobile business or roughly 60 percent of all the years, this left  40 percent for the other six.